Everyone needs a symbol, a stamp, an identifying image which is undeniably theirs. This is me, this symbol is me, and it is The Face.

This is The Face. In and of itself it means nothing, it is not an anti war icon, it is nor a pro life image, it simply is The Face. The ultimate goal of The Face is to be seen by everyone. The Face will someday be a universally recognizable icon which means nothing. Please try not to over analyze it. It’s just The Face.

The Face is unmistakably mine, and The Face will be there looking at you long after I’m gone.

The Face is how I present myself to the world. And to the world I will present myself. As you can see, The Face has been all over, here, and there. I encourage you to take a face from the site, and take it everywhere. May my face bring you as much comfort as you need as it has given me much more than I deserve.